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Android port of Whitakers Works, morphological analysis tool and dictionary for Latin
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Whitaker's Words for Android

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words is a dictionary and morphological analysis tool by Colonel William Whitaker for Latin that accepts words of any form and gives the case/tense/etc. along with a short definition. This app provides a native Android interface that wraps the original command line program.

This app is on Google Play.


Whitaker's Ada code is under the license in the words.LICENSE file, while all the code here is under the MIT license.


Downloading or building the words executable and data files

Building the Ada code is problematic, since Android's NDK only supports C and C++. The words directory has scripts for building a copy of GCC with Ada support, targeting Android. Moreover, it has data files that need to be build, and potentially differ by architecture. So the build script here uses qemu to generate those.

To provide such I toolchain, I've built a docker image, which you can download and use, or build yourself (given enough CPU time and disk space). Prebuilt copies of words, automatically built by Travis CI, are available on Bintray.

To compile this app, you'll need to obtain a copy of words in one of two ways:

Download prebuilt words from Bintray:


Or, download the docker image and build words:


Compiling the app

This uses the standard gradle build system for Android, so any documentation on that will apply, or you can use Android Studio.

For instance, ./gradlew installDebug will build the app and install it on your device.

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