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Release Date: Fri, September 4, 2009 at 2:19 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Make the 1wg-charters.txt page stable, not changing dependent on the
    order in which the database backend returns records.

  • Various fixes to the new charter page generation. Removed the area
    prefix for secretaries (secretaries aren't area secretaries, they're
    secretaries to the group). Added tech advisors and WG editors.
    Fixed html for secretary lists.

  • Fixed link in Slides model (should be moved to templates, I suspect)
    which has changed since ietf-74. Todo: Should be made consistent in
    the archives, or failing that, be dependent on the meeting number

  • Show correct days-in-state information (hopefully). From Pasi.

  • Cleaning of IPR disclosure submission form internals
    to simplify Django 1.0 transition. From Jelte and Pasi.

  • Make WG summary available also with the same name as before
    (1wg-summary.txt). Fix the template to more closely match
    the old layout, for screenscraping scripts.

  • Make Django testing framework work again. From Pasi.

  • Minor fixes to bugs found by the testing framework. From Pasi.

  • Replaced /liaison/managers/ with redirect to static page
    on From Pasi.