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The current home for material associated with Privacy Pass documentation associated with the IETF. Current WG documents are below:

Additional information:

Existing implementations

Implementation Language Token Types Version
pat-app Go VOPRF (P-384, SHA-384) (0x0001), Blind RSA (SHA-384, 2048-bit) (0x0002) draft-06
privacypass Rust VOPRF (P-384, SHA-384) (0x0001), Blind RSA (SHA-384, 2048-bit) (0x0002) draft-06
privacypass-ts Typescript Blind RSA (SHA-384, 2048-bit) (0x0002) draft-11

Building Drafts

Formatted text and HTML versions of the draft can be built using make.

$ make

This requires that you have the necessary software installed. See the instructions.


See the guidelines for contributions.