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GitHub storage adapter for Ghost. Recommended as a completely free storage solution for blogs being hosted on platforms with ephemeral filesystems, like Heroku.


cd /path/to/your/ghost/installation
npm install ghost-storage-github
mkdir -p content/adapters/storage
cp -r node_modules/ghost-storage-github content/adapters/storage/ghost-storage-github


Add the following to your configuration file and modify it accordingly.

"storage": {
    "active": "ghost-storage-github",
    "ghost-storage-github": {
        "token": "<your token here>",
        "owner": "<your username here>",
        "repo": "ghost-assets",
        "branch": "master",
        "destination": "my/subdirectory",
        "baseUrl": "",
        "useRelativeUrls": false

Here's a comprehensive list of configurations:

Name Required? Description Environment variable (prefixed with GHOST_GITHUB_)
baseUrl no Base URL of newly saved images. Uses by default BASE_URL
branch no Branch to push assets to. Defaults to master BRANCH
destination no Directory to push assets to. Defaults to / DESTINATION
owner yes Username of the user/organization the repo is under OWNER
repo yes Name of the repo REPO
token yes Your personal access token TOKEN
useRelativeUrls no Whether or not to return relative URLs (i.e. under /content/images) instead of absolute URLs. Might be of use to people who generate and serve a static version of their Ghost blog. USE_RELATIVE_URLS


How do I get a personal access token?

  1. Create a new personal token here.
  2. Select 'repo' (which will select everything under repo), as ghost-storage-github will need access to your repository.
  3. Copy the token that shows up upon successful creation, and paste that into the token field of ghost-storage-github's configuration.

I'm getting a "Bad credentials" error. What should I do?

Your token or password might be incorrect. You should double-check your configuration.

I'm getting a "Not found" error. What should I do?

Make sure the repository you specified exists. Also, check to make sure the branch (if specified) exists in the repo.


MIT License