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Required tools:

  • msysgit
  • cygwin
    • Note: on windows with UAC enabled, it may fail to run setup.exe after downloading packages. You'll have to run it manually.
    • After installing, open a cygwin shell (cygwin.bat) and execute perl -e "use Switch;"
    • If you don't get an error, cygwin is configured properly. Otherwise, execute the following:
      • curl -L http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/R/RG/RGARCIA/Switch-2.16.tar.gz -o Switch-2.16.tar.gz
      • tar -xzf Switch-2.16.tar.gz
      • cd Switch-2.16
      • perl Makefile.PL && make && make install
  • Microsoft Visual C++ and components
  • SWIG
    • You'll have to put this on your PATH manually.
  • An SVN client (Tortoise, Slik, CollabNet)
    • Make sure the executing svn in your cmd.exe shell succeeds. If not, you'll have to add your client's bin directory to your PATH manually.
  • Python 2.6.*
    • As of 2012-Jul-25, the latest binary release is 2.6.6
    • Also unpack the source distribution on top of your install directory. This will make the headers (*.h) and object files (*.lib) for components that will be compiled.
  • setuptools
  • bakefile
  • pip - install with c:\Python26\Scripts\easy_install pip
  • virtualenv - install with c:\Python26\Scripts\pip install virtualenv


Assumptions - replace where necessary:

  • Your digsby checkout is in c:\digsby
  • You python install is in c:\Python26
  1. Open the 'Microsoft Visual Studio Command Prompt'
  2. cd c:\digsby
  3. c:\Python26\Scripts\virtualenv -p c:\python26\python.exe --distribute digsby-venv
  4. digsby-venv\Scripts\activate.bat
  5. python bootstrap.py
  6. deactivate
  7. digsby-venv\Scripts\activate.bat
    • bootstrap modifies the activate script.
  8. Run MSYS from within your command prompt by executing Git Bash.lnk from your msysgit install directory
    • You should now be inside of an MSYS shell with the correct Visual Studio environment variables set.
  9. buildout
  10. python sanity.py -_xmlextra -blist -cgui -sip -wx -wx.calendar -wx.lib -wx.py -wx.stc -wx.webview
    • All components should be OK. If not, see Dependency Troubleshooting, below.
  11. python digsby\build\msw\build_all.py
  12. python sanity.py
    • All components should be OK. If not, see Dependency Troubleshooting, below.

Dependency Troubleshooting


Link explainin how to fix the missing: vcvarsall.bat file: Fix Summary: You need to create a variable called: VS90COMNTOOLS that has the contents of VS100COMNTOOLS

Running Digsby

python Digsby.py