❄️ A package to login into steamcommunity.com via a .net core wrapper. This will not need an api key because it is using the methods which steam is providing via the web.
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A library to login into steamcommunity.com via a .net core wrapper. This will not need an api key because it is using the methods which steam is providing via the web.


  • "NETStandard.Library": "1.6.0"
  • Newtonsoft.Json 9.0.1
  • System.Security.Cryptography.Csp


  1. Make sure you have .net core installed. Head over to dot.net to install .net core.

Via a nuget package

Work in progress

Via class library

  1. Clone the repo by using git or download it as .zip.
  2. In your new project add the project to the global.json file like this:
   "projects": [ "src", "test", "../skadisteamlogin/src" ],
   "sdk": {
     "version": "1.0.0-preview2-003121"

is the path to the project.

  1. Add the reference to your project.json like this:
  "dependencies": {
    "Microsoft.NETCore.App": {
      "type": "platform",
      "version": "1.0.0"
    "skadisteam.login": "1.0.0-beta"

How to use

At first you need to create the login data. The library will provide a model for this. You can create an instance like this:

var skadiLoginData = new SkadiLoginData {
    Username = "username",
    Password = "password",
    SharedSecret = "sharedSecret"

After this we need to instantiate the login by:

var skadiLogin = new SkadiLogin();

You can also use skadi configuration for adding extra features.

SkadiLoginConfiguration skadiLoginConfiguration = new SkadiLoginConfiguration
    StopOnError = false,
    WaitTimeEachError = 20

This needs to be appended to the login instance. This is done by:

var skadiLogin = new SkadiLogin(skadiLoginConfiguration);

After instantiating you can execute the login by applying the data to a method.

var skadiLoginResponse = skadiLogin.Execute(skadiLoginData);

The response will have several informations and the cookie container of the login. The object will have the following properties:

Parameter Type Description Example
SessionId string Id of the session "wdIaDW21adsAh"
SkadiLoginCookies CookieContainer CookieContainer which contains the cookies of the login {System.Net.CookieContainer}
SkadiLoginError SkadiLoginError If an error occurs this will be an instance of SkadiLoginError. See the documentation of it for more information null
SteamCommunityId long Steam Community Id of the account which logged in 76561198028630048
SteamCountry string Country provided by Steam DE...
SteamLanguage string Language which is set. Default is english. "english"
SteamLogin string Steam login cookie value. "76561198028630048AWd12km8d_dwaknN21..."
SteamRememberLogin string Steam's value of the cookie to remember login "76561198028630048AWd12km8d_dwaknN21..."


MIT License

How to grab documentation

Work in progress



For commits i am using this style. You should also use this style when you are creating pull requests.


For general language advice i suggest the official style guideline. Written down in markdown syntax here.


Contact information

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Date Version Description
06/30/16 -/- Start of the project