cloud modelling group at IGFUW

Cloud-microphysics modelling group at the Institute of Geophysics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland

Pinned repositories

  1. libcloudphxx

    libcloudphysics++ - a library of algorithms for representing cloud microphysics in numerical models

    C++ 7 13

  2. libmpdataxx

    libmpdata++ - a library of parallel MPDATA-based solvers for systems of generalised transport equations

    C++ 6 10

  3. UWLCM

    University of Warsaw Lagrangian Cloud Model

    C++ 1 5

  4. parcel

    adiabatic parcel model based on libcloudph++

    Python 1 6

  5. drops.py

    a parcel model based on libcloudph++

    Python 5

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