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A command line tool written in AutoHotkey for launching applications in fullscreen.




FEleven is a command line tool written in AutoHotkey_L.

If an application does not have it's own fullscreen command line argument and if it supports pressing F11 to enter fullscreen mode, then FEleven can open the target application and simulate F11 upon launch.

The result is being able to launch that application in fullscreen when it wasn't possible before.


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


  1. Download the latest version of feleven.exe.

  2. Launch the "F11-able" target application by calling feleven with a target and window-title parameter.

    feleven "path\to\target.exe" "Window Title"


The window-title string parameter can be any substring in the application's window title.

All additional parameters relating to the target application should be included in FEleven's first parameter:

feleven "path\to\target.exe parameter1 ..." "Window Title"


  • Place feleven in a %Path% directory!

  • Use feleven in the target field of a shortcut (.lnk) file!

Built-in Support

Currently, FEleven has built-in support for the following popular browsers, allowing you to omit the 2nd, window-title parameter:

  • Mozilla Firefox

    feleven "path\to\firefox.exe ..."
  • Google Chrome

    feleven "path\to\chrome.exe ..."
  • Opera

    feleven "path\to\opera.exe ..."
  • Internet Explorer

    feleven "path\to\iexplore.exe ..."


©2012-2013 Izzy Galvez. All rights reserved.


GNU Generic Public License (v3)

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