CNNGeometric MatConvNet implementation
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CNNGeometric MatConvNet implementation

( PyTorch version released)

This is the implementation of the paper:

I. Rocco, R. Arandjelović and J. Sivic. Convolutional neural network architecture for geometric matching. CVPR 2017 [website][arXiv]

using the MatConvNet toolbox for MATLAB.

If you use this code in your project, please cite use using:

  author       = "Rocco, I. and Arandjelovi\'c, R. and Sivic, J.",
  title        = "Convolutional neural network architecture for geometric matching",
  booktitle    = "Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition",
  year         = "2017",

Getting started

  • demo.m downloads trained models and shows how to perform alignment
  • evaluate.m shows how to evaluate the trained models on the ProposalFlow and Caltech-101 datasets.
  • demo_train.m shows how to train a new model