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Erlang plugin

Erlang Plugin turns IntelliJ IDEA and other IntelliJ-based products (RubyMine, PyCharm, WebStorm, etc.) to a convenient Erlang IDE.

Pre-release builds

You can manually set up the latest plugin version from the releases page or from the intellij-erlang-builds folder.

Note for Mac OS X users: you need to download the entire zip file, not a several jars (see Apple discussion forum).

Recent changes

Version 0.5.11

  • New inspection: multiple function exports
  • Fixed false-positive error highlighting (#499, #505)
  • Reworked Erlang/OTP version detection (#514)
  • Improved "Export Function" intention action (#440)
  • Improved debugger (#501, #546)
  • New completion variant: e.g. ilfo completes to io_lib:format()
  • Improved specification resolution
  • Bugfixes

Work in progress

  • Preprocessing support

Grammar-Kit version

Download the right version of Grammar-Kit.

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