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implement support for EDoc annotations #88

domnikl opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Dominik Liebler Maxim Vladimirsky Yuri Zhloba
Dominik Liebler

When documenting Erlang source files, EDoc annotations like in the example below should be shown also in the structure view, maybe even considered for code inspection.

%% @spec (list()) -> {bar, list()}
foo(Foobar) ->
    {bar, Foobar}.

Should show up in the structures view like this:

Maxim Vladimirsky

Tag @spec was deprecated long time ago. You should you use type specifications instead -spec. @ignatov since -spec is not yet fully supported by the plugin I would recommended to concentrate on it and leave edoc @spec for distant future when the plugin 100% implemented and you need something to get yourself busy :)

Yuri Zhloba

Yes, we should support -spec but not @spec

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