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Open source Flex-Maps for Apache Flex

This is a open-source solution to enable Flex developers incorporate Maps on their very own apps.

Goal is simple, great a great user experience inside Flex environment loading tiles, maps providers from all exposed api out there.

Current Maps providers

Microsoft Bing OpenStreet Nokia Here Yahoo Maps Nasa Blue Marble

feature releases to support Google Maps

Using it's pretty simple:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Application xmlns:fx="" 
			   xmlns:mx="library://" minWidth="955" minHeight="600" xmlns:flex="org.apache.flex.maps.flex.*">

				protected function onProviderChanged(event:IndexChangeEvent):void
					myMap.provider = provider.selectedItem.value;
			<s:Button width="82" height="22" label="Zoom In" click=""/>
			<s:Button label="Zoom Out" click=""/>
				<s:ComboBox id="provider" change="onProviderChanged(event)">
								<fx:Object label="NASA BLUE MARBLE" value="BLUE_MARBLE"/>
								<fx:Object label="Open Street Map" value="OPEN_STREET_MAP"/>
								<fx:Object label="Nokia HERE Normal" value="HERE_MAP_NORMAL"/>
								<fx:Object label="Nokia HERE Hybrid" value="HERE_MAP_HYBRID"/>
								<fx:Object label="Yahoo Aerial" value="YAHOO_AERIAL"/>
								<fx:Object label="Yahoo Hybrid" value="YAHOO_HYBRID"/>
								<fx:Object label="Yahoo Road" value="YAHOO_ROAD"/>								
								<fx:Object label="Nokia HERE TERRAIN" value="HERE_MAP_TERRAIN"/>
								<fx:Object label="Microsoft Hybrid" value="MICROSOFT_HYBRID"/>
								<fx:Object label="Microsoft Hybrid" value="MICROSOFT_HYBRID"/>
								<fx:Object label="Microsoft Aerial" value="MICROSOFT_AERIAL"/>
								<fx:Object label="Microsoft ROAD" value="MICROSOFT_ROAD"/>

				<flex:FlexMap showControls="true" id="myMap"
									 width="100%" extent="-9.4384955,-40.3835929,12,0,0" height="100%" 
									 draggable="true" provider="HERE_MAP_HYBRID" 
									 zoom="12" center="-9.4384955,-40.3835929,12,0,0"
									 doubleClick="" />

This project is a based on ModestMap technology.