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user defined keyword tags for beets
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Provides user defined keyword tags for beets. It provides three new commands to add and remove tags and to clear all tags from a file. These are specifically:

beet addtag <query> -t <usertag>[ -t <other-usertag>[...]]

Adds one (or more) usertags to the track with the given id.

beet rmtag <query> -t <usertag>[ -t <other-usertag>[...]]

Removes a usertag from the track with the given id.

beet cleartags <query>

Strips all usertags from the track with the given id.

beet listtags

Lists all user defined tags and a count of tracks that used those tags.

beet list usertags:my-tag

Query user tags as you would query any other field with the standard list command.


First, install the package with pip:

pip install git+git://

Alternatively, put the beetsplug folder somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.

Then, activate the plugin by adding usertag to the list of plugins in in beets' config.yaml file. This is described in more detail in the beets documentation.

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