EEGlab plugin for "Ocular correction" (Gratton et al., 1983)
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Ocular Correction EEGlab Plugin

WARNING: This is an old plugin I wrote in 2007 and never updated to reflect changes in EEGlab or MATLAB. PR's to fix this are welcome.


A plugin for the EEGlab Toolbox for MATLAB, implementing the regression-based algorithm for ocular correction of EEG-data proposed by Gratton et al. 1982.

   author = {Gratton, Gabriele and Coles, Michael G. H. and Donchin, Emanuel},
   title = {A new method for off-line removal of ocular artifact},
   journal = {Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology},
   year = {1983},
   volume = {55},
   pages = {468--484},
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The algorithm estimates different regression parameters for blink-segments and non-blink-segments. Therefore, two parameters have to be specified to distinguish blink vs. non-blink data:

  • blinkcritwin time window for criterion (in ms)
  • blinkcritvolt amplitude criterion for blink detection: (EOG(t) - EOG(t-win)) + (EOG(t) - EOG(t+win)) >= crit


Copy all m-files into a subdirectory under the 'plugins' path of your EEGlab-installation. Then restart EEGlab and a menu-item in the 'Tools' menu should appear. For more details about EEGlab-Plugins, refer to