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  • Updated display for collections on frontend/backend
  • Fixed collection history page
  • Updated site admin reports
  • Updated study information page to hide empty columns, convert links into hyperlinks
  • Updated language files for English to include missing translations
  • Added system language files for Spanish and French
  • Fixed export search results to CSV on catalog page
  • Replace old Google Recaptcha v1 with v2

Use the patch file ( to update existing NADA 5.x. To apply the patch, just unzip the patch into your NADA5.

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@mah0001 mah0001 released this Mar 11, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed issue with DDI replace
  • Fixed topics facet display and topics import from DDI
  • Updated variable listing page and display of categories
  • Updated variables comparison page with support for exporting selected variables to CSV, JSON
  • Added support for exporting surveys as DDI and JSON
  • Added CSV, JSON exports for variables
  • Updated survey schema to include additional fields
  • Fixed missing translations for english
  • Updated misc. display issues for study information page
  • Fixed display issue for IE
  • Added email configuration testing page
  • All third party libraries are included to avoid using composer install
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@mah0001 mah0001 released this Feb 4, 2019 · 105 commits to master since this release

This is a minor release to fix issues with the installation and upgrade. The default database table type is reverted back to MyISAM to support older versions of MySQL.

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@mah0001 mah0001 released this Jan 23, 2019 · 154 commits to master since this release

NADA 5.0

This is a substantial upgrade to NADA which brings a host of new features as well as upgrades which address compatibility issues with recent updates to PHP.

Why upgrade?

  • Previous versions of NADA were built to be compatible with the latest versions of PHP (5.3 up to 5.6) available at the time.
  • Support for PHP 5 was discontinued in December 2018.
  • The maintainers of PHP encourage all users of PHP to upgrade to PHP 7+
  • NADA 5.0 has been rewritten to run on PHP 7+

It is strongly recommended that all users of NADA upgrade to the latest version of PHP. Upgrading PHP to version 7 will necessitate that you also upgrade your NADA to 5.0.

What's new in NADA 5.0?

  • Adobe Flash uploads are now replace with HTML 5 uploads. This fixes changes made in most modern browsers which remove default support for Flash.
  • PHP no longer supports MySQL drivers. Support for MySQL has been replaced with the MySQLi and MySQL PDO drivers. NADA 5 supports these new drivers.
  • NADA now uses Bootstrap 4. This means that NADA uses a responsive design that works well on all devices, including mobile devices.
  • The framework underlying NADA now runs on the latest version of CodeIgniter.

Exciting new functionality in NADA 5.0

  • Search has been updated to allow indexing of all the metadata fields.
  • The templating system has been updated to accommodate all DDI 2.5 fields. The previous version of NADA only supported a subset of the DDI Codebook.
  • A more powerful API is available which allows searching, browsing and managing the catalog via API.
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Jan 21, 2018
Bootstrap 3 for site administration pages

@mah0001 mah0001 released this Jan 23, 2019 · 162 commits to master since this release

NADA 4.4

NADA 4.4 is the latest official release and requires at least PHP 5.3 or above to run. We strongly recommend that you use PHP 5.5 or later with the MySQL 5.x database.

The current release fixes issues related to PHP 5.6 and file uploads for resources. In newer versions of Chrome and other browsers, Flash is disabled by default which causes the file upload features on the NADA site adminstration pages to fail. This release fix replaces Flash with HTML5.

For a fresh installation of NADA, Download file

For installation, please follow the installation instructions here:

For NADA 4.3 users, please follow the steps below to apply the patch.

  1. Make a backup of your NADA website. If complete backup is not possible, please backup the “Application” and “System” folders

  2. Download the patch zip file (

  3. Unzip the patch files into the NADA root folder to replace existing files

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