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这是 NexT 主题文档的源码,仅接受文档相关的问题。如果你有任何关于 NexT 主题的使用问题,请访问 NexT 主题仓库,谢谢。

This is the repository for documentations of NexT theme, it only accepts issues about documentations. If you have any questions about using NexT, please visit NexT repository, thanks.

Welcome to contribute. Appreciate for any type of contribution。



  1. Node.js. Download Node.js
  2. Gulp Cli. Run npm install --global gulp-cli
  3. Project Dependencies. Run npm install

Running Up

After all project dependencies have been resolved, run gulp in the project root directory to kick off a local server. This server (using BrowserSync) will listen on port 3000, visit http://localhost:3000 to see the documentations.

Project Structure

Directory/File Description
app Application main directory which contains documentations and site assets
├── assets Site assets
├── en English documentations
├── templates Documentation layouts
├── uploads Images used in documentations
gulp Gulp library
├── dev-server-middleware Middleware for BrowserSync
├── tasks Gulp tasks
lib Application library
├── tags Nunjunks tags used in documentations to ease writing
├── configs.js Parse config from app/config.yaml
├── renderer.js Nunjunks Renderer
├── utils.js Various utilities
webpack Webpack configuration for different environments
├── common.js Webpack configuration for all environments
├── dev.js Webpack configuration of development
├── pro.js Webpack configuration of production
.editorconfig EditorConfig configuration
.travis.yml Configuration for TravisCI
bower.json Front-end library dependency management
gulpfile.js Gulp tasks definition
package.json Package Information
tsconfig.json Typescript configuration file

Syntax Highlight Support of WebStorm for Nunjucks Template

To make WebStorm to recognize Nunjucks templates, follow the following steps:

  1. Install Twig Plugin from JetBrains Plugin Repository.

    Install Twig Plugin

  2. Add Nunjucks template extension to the Twig file type.

    Add File Type

    In this repo, .njk extension is used for Nunjucks Template, so add it to the Registered Pattern.