The Multilevel Traffic Classifier
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mutrics: open source network traffic classifier in Python, a reference implementation of the Waterfall architecture.

The classifier takes as input ARFF files generated with the Flowcalc program. mutrics classifies network traffic flows basing on many levels of traffic analysis and outputs the results in either ARFF or TXT file format.

The classifier consists of many modules, which should be trained separately. See respective directories for supportive scripts that train and test a particular model.

For scientific works, please find and cite the following paper:

Foremski P., Callegari C., Pagano M., "Waterfall: Rapid identification of IP flows using cascade classification"

Author: Paweł Foremski
Copyright (C) 2012-2013 IITiS PAN Gliwice
Licensed under GNU GPL v3

This software package uses libshorttext, which is included in the dnsclass repository, but may be licensed differently.

Classification modules

The following modules are available in the implementation:

  • dstip: quick classification by destination IP address
  • dnsclass: the DNS-Class algorithm
  • portsize: quick classification by port number and payload size
  • npkts: classification by payload sizes of 4 first packets, using random forest
  • port: classical, quick classification by the port number
  • stats: classification by statistics of packet sizes and inter-arrival times, using random forest
  • dpi: classification by DPI payload analysis, using random forest

Project information

Project realized at The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, under grant nr 2011/01/N/ST6/07202 of the Polish National Science Centre.

Project website: