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tcpdump of single programs
C Shell



tracedump - a single program sniffer

This program captures all TCP and UDP packets of a single program. It consists of three elements:

  1. ptrace monitor - tracks bind(), connect() and sendto() syscalls and extracts local port numbers that the traced application uses
  2. pcap sniffer - using information from 1. it listens on an AF_PACKET/SOCK_DGRAM socket, with an appropriate BPF filter attached
  3. garbage collector - instead of monitoring for close() syscalls, this thread reads /proc/net/{udp,tcp} files in order to detect the sockets that the application no longer uses

As the output, it generates a PCAP file with SLL-encapsulated IP packets - readable by eg. Wireshark. It can be later used for detailed analysis of the networking operations made by a particular application. For instance it might be useful for automatic systems of IP traffic classification.

More information:


Please cite tracedump using the following publication:

Foremski P., "Tracedump: A Novel Single Application IP Packet Sniffer", Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Vol. 24 No. 1/2012, Gliwice 2012


  • sometimes the traced process segfaults
    • eg. Firefox started from tracedump
    • eg. Chrome on restoring multiple tabs
    • maybe more work on better ptrace transparency is required - especially on code injection?
  • cant start chromium-browser within tracedump, but attaching works (to appropriate pid)


  • IP packets past the first fragment will not be captured
  • there is a low probability of loosing TCP packets if the time distance between a particular bind() system call and a connect() or listen() call is greater than 60 seconds
  • maximum number of monitored ports is limited to less than 300 ports, due to limits on the BPF filter attached to the sniffing socket
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