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Co-pilot for GitHub operations ✈️

Version License: MIT


IJsblokje is my co-pilot for GitHub operations! It is able to:

  • 🏷️ Label PRs automatically according to the conventional commit types
  • 🔃 Sync labels across mutliple repositories with the ability to add repository specific ones too
  • 🔔 Automatically adds a GitCord webhook url to the webhooks everytime a repository is created and toggles it depending on the visibility state
  • 🗞️ Syncs the readme's of multiple repositories using a config (readme.ijsblokje.toml) and a base readme (which is located at your own account repository -> ijsKoud/ijsKoud)
  • 🎉 Releases a new version with automatic changelog generation (This can be done via the Discord bot integration)


Docker is required to host this app yourself. To install and run the GitHub app first pull the image using docker pull and after that run it using docker run --name=ijsblokje-github-bot -v ~/.env:/ijsblokje/.env -d, you can do the same with the Discord bot.

Alternatively if you would like to use both the GitHub app and Discord bot you can use the provided docker-compose.yml file to install it. Simply copy the file to a directory on your pc/server, add the required .env files (examples are in the designated app directories) and run docker-compose up


The logo was created using the Melting ice vector created by freepik


👤 ijsKoud


This will always be open source project, even if I don't receive donations. But there are still people out there that want to donate, so if you do here is the link PayPal or to Ko-Fi. Thanks in advance! I really appriciate it <3


Project is licensed under the © MIT License