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Snippets is an app to quickly make small notations for later.
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Snippets is an app to quickly make small notitations for later.


Please keep in mind that active development of this project has been halted. Feel free to fork it and build your own version of it or use snippets (ha!) of code for your own projects.

Get the app

Currently this version of Snippets is not available on the Microsoft Store. However you can build and learn from it yourself by downloading or forking this project.

Supported versions


Target framework: .NET Standard 2.0


Minimal supported Windows 10 version: 17134 (version 1803)

Currently supported systems:

  • Windows 10 Desktop ✔
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 Team ✔
  • Windows 10 Holographic ✔
  • Windows 10 Xbox

Building the app

You can download or fork the project so you can tinker around with it yourself. Currently there are 2 projects in the solution:

  • Snippets.Core --> The Core project
  • Snippets.UWP --> The UWP-app for Snippets

The Snippets.Core-project houses the primary basis for the app. You can use this to port the app to different platforms.

Support me

Like this project? Buy me a coffee:

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