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Simple two-way data binding between vue components and vuex store
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This package is aims to simplify v-model usage with your vuex state, by providing getter/action/mutation/state generator and mapper, that generates v-model compatible computed properties.


Just use npm:

npm i --save vuex-models


Using vuex-models is a dead simple - first you need to generate store fields like this:

// your imports
import { genVuexModels } from 'vuex-models'

// Vue.use(Vuex), etc

  First argument is an array of generated field names
  Second optional argument - state attribute name,
  where generated fields will be stored their states
    From 1.0.2 added handy support to create models with initial state.
    Just use `genVuexModels` with object instead array, as follow:
// models with initial state values
const models = genVuexModels({
  foo: 'bar'
}, 'baz')

const store = new Vuex.Store({

  OLD WAY! Do not use it at new code!
  Before 1.0.2 state was empty object with namespace, so it was
  your responsibility to manually create initial state
const { mutations, actions, getters, state } = genVuexModels([
], 'bar');

const oldWayStore = new Vuex.Store({

export default store

Then, in your vue components you can map computed properties by using mapVuexModels:

import { mapVuexModels } from 'vuex-models'

export default {
  computed: {
      creating computed properties:
      foo: {
        get () { return this.$store.getters.autogeneratedGetterFoo },
        set (val) { this.$store.dispatch('autogeneratedAction', val) }

      so, from now, you can safely use `foo` in v-model directives

Vuex namespaced stores

Also you can use vuex-models for namespaced vuex modules. All you need is to pass second argument to mapVuexModels with namespace name:

// for example we have store module namespaced with 'MyNamespacedModule'

export default {
  computed: {
    ], 'MyNamespacedModule')

Rename computed properties

Like vuex mappers, mapVuexModels supports properties renaming:

export default {
  computed: {
    // responds to model
      'bar': 'foo'
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