Burp Suite extension to generate Intruder payloads using Radamsa
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Bradamsa is a Burp Suite extension for Radamsa, a well-known fuzzer made by the Oulu University Secure Programming Group. Inspired by burp-radamsa, this plugin allows to generate Intruder payloads using Radamsa.

Download the latest release from HERE.

Mix (B)urp Suite + (Radamsa) and you get crashes!

Bradamsa Tab


  • Java-based plugin using native Burp Suite extension APIs
  • Intruder payloads generator using Radamsa (sniper attack type only)
  • Support for Radamsa v0.3 options
  • Options validation directly from within Burp Suite

Options validation

How To Use It

  1. Install Radamsa from Hatlp GIT or the official Google project page
$ git clone http://haltp.org/git/radamsa.git
$ cd radamsa
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ curl https://ouspg.googlecode.com/files/radamsa-0.3.tar.gz | tar -zxvf - && cd radamsa-0.3 && make && sudo make install && man radamsa
  1. From the Extender tab in Burp Suite, add bradamsa.jar
  2. Open the Bradamsa tab and configure Radamsa. For more details, please refer to the official Radamsa page or type $ radamsa --help in your terminal
  3. Send a request to Burp Intruder
  4. In Payload → Payload Sets → Payload type, select "Extension-generated"
  5. In Payload → Payload Options → Select generator, choose "Bradamsa" from the drop down list
  6. Finish to configure Burp Intruder and start fuzzing

Payload Generator