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i-Path project explores how to provide a visibility inside the Internet to end systems.

The goal of i-Path is to realize visibility between an end-to-end Internet path with "hop-by-hop" granularity, and also, to satisfy disclosure policies among all stake holders along the path, i.e., sender, access network providers, backbones, and receiver.

i-Path project have been supported as a part of the NeW Generation Network research and development funded by NICT, Japan.

Background and Motivation

i-Path project is developing a protocol stack implementation to provide the visibility of end-to-end network path. We evaluate the feasibility of our approach using the implementation on R&D testbed networks, such as, JGN2+. And, with releasing our implementation, we would like to facilitate other research activities sharing the similar cross-layer ideas.

Project members

  • Waseda University

    • Shigeki Goto
    • Dai Mochinaga
    • Ichiro Murase
    • Akihiro Shimoda
  • AIST

    • Katsushi Kobayashi (now moved to U-Tokyo.)

i-Path implementations

i-Path implementation is working on FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Linux. Kernel APIs and sample applications are available

Geographical trace snapshot of our i-Path testbed



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