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pywb 0.33.0 changelist
-* Client-Side Rewrite:
+* Client-Side Rewriting Improvements:
- Video: More aggressive ``youtube-dl`` rewriting, try video query for any ``<object>`` with flashvars
- proxy: disable most client side rewriting when in proxy mode, keep non-rewriting overrides (random, Date)
- host relative extract: ``extract_orig()`` returns host-relative if url starts with ``/``
@@ -10,16 +10,16 @@ pywb 0.33.0 changelist
- fix history check bug: support changing history to exact current origin.
- add ``window.fetch()`` override
- add ``srcset`` attribute rewriting
- - adon't add ``X-Pywb-Requested-With`` to ``data:`` urls
+ - ajax: don't add ``X-Pywb-Requested-With`` header to ``data:`` urls
- general JS fixes, add undefined checks before acccessing ``_wb_js``, top frame, and content frame.
-* Server-Side Rewrite:
+* Server-Side Rewriting Improvements:
- www canonicalization: improve regex to include urls containing ``\r``
- memento: fix potential duplicate memento headers
- proxy: when in proxy mode, only rewrite headers related to encoding or cache
- proxy: add special 'proxy_js' rewriter which defaults to no rewriting for proxy mode but allows custom JS rules to still be applied. Used for JS and embedded JS in html.
- WbUrl: add new modifier form starting with ``$`` in addition to ending with ``_``, eg. ``/$mod:foo/``
- - ajax: don't rewrite ``text/html`` responses to ajax requests.
+ - ajax: don't rewrite ``text/html`` responses retrieved by ajax requests (when ``X-Pywb-Requested-With`` header is present).
* Static Handler: if ``wsgi.file_wrapper`` fails, fallback to direct streaming of static ocntent.

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