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Webrecorder pywb 2.0

Web Archiving Tools for All

View the full pywb 2.0 documentation

pywb is a Python (2 and 3) web archiving toolkit for replaying web archives large and small as accurately as possible. The toolkit now also includes new features for creating high-fidelity web archives.

This toolset forms the foundation of Webrecorder project, but also provides a generic web archiving toolkit that is used by other web archives, including the traditional "Wayback Machine" functionality.

New Features

The 2.0 release includes a major overhaul of pywb and introduces many new features, including the following:

  • Dynamic multi-collection configuration system with no-restart updates.
  • New recording capability to create new web archives from the live web or other archives.
  • Componentized architecture with standalone Warcserver, Recorder and Rewriter components.
  • Support for Memento API aggregation and fallback chains for querying multiple remote and local archival sources.
  • HTTP/S Proxy Mode with customizable certificate authority for proxy mode recording and replay.
  • Flexible rewriting system with pluggable rewriters for different content-types.
  • Significantly improved client-side rewriting to handle most modern web sites.
  • Improved 'calendar' query UI, grouping results by year and month, and updated replay banner.

Please see the full documentation for more detailed info on all these features.


To run and install locally you can:

  • Install with python install
  • Run tests with python test
  • Run Wayback with wayback (see docs for info on how to setup collections)
  • Build docs locally with: cd docs; make html. (The docs will be built in ./_build/html/index.html)

Consult the local or online docs for latest usage and configuration details.

Contributions & Bug Reports

Users are encouraged to fork and contribute to this project to keep improving web archiving tools.

A few key features are high on list of priorities, but have not yet been implemented, including:

  • Url Exclusion System
  • UI Improvements

If you are interested in contributing, especially to any of these areas, please let us know!

Otherwise, please take a look at list of current issues and feel free to open new ones about any aspect of pywb, including the new documentation.