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GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC


GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC is a GCC toolchain distribution for RISC-V devices, that complements the official RISC-V distribution, maintained by SiFive.

For main benefits for the users are:

  • convenience: binaries for all major platforms are provided (Windows 64/32-bits, GNU/Linux 64/32-bits, macOS);
  • uniform and portable install: the toolchain is also available as a binary xPack, and can be easily installed with xpm;
  • improved support for Continuous Integration usage: as for any xPack, the toolchain can be easily used in test environments.


Compared to the original RISC-V release, there are no functional changes; the same architecture options are supported, and the same combinations of libraries (derived from newlib) are provided, plus possibly more.


The GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC releases generally follow the official RISC-V distribution, maintained by SiFive.

  • 8.2.0-2.2 (20190521)
  • 8.2.0-2.1 (20190425)
  • 8.1.0-2 (20181019)
  • 7.2.0-4 (20180606)
  • 7.2.0-3 (20180506)
  • 7.2.0-2 (20180111)
  • 7.2.0-1 (20171109)
  • 7.1.1-2 (20170912)
  • 7.1.1-1 (20170702)


The procedure to install GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC is platform specific, but relatively straight forward (a .zip archive on Windows, a compressed tar archive on macOS and GNU/Linux).

A portable method is to use xpm:

$ xpm install @gnu-mcu-eclipse/riscv-none-gcc --global

More details are available on the How to install the RISC-V toolchain? page.


The build scripts are part of the separate gnu-mcu-eclipse/riscv-none-gcc-build project.


The procedure used to publish the binaries is documented in the separate PUBLISH page.

The metadata files used to publish the xPacks on the server are available from the gnu-mcu-eclipse/riscv-none-gcc-xpack project.

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Credits to Shields IO and Somsubhra/github-release-stats.

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