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AgileDay Conference Android Application

This is a conference client created for Italian Agile Day conference. The aim is to create a conference client application that will help the conference visitors by giving uptodate information about sessions, and facilitate communication with other conference participants.

Build process:

  • android update project --path AgileDayConferenceApp
  • ant -buildfile AgileDayConferenceApp\build.xml release

Release build instructions to build signed .apk package for Android Market:

  • Run tests and check that they are all green the test suite manually into eclipse :(
  • Copy italianagileday.keystore in AgileDayConferenceApp/ (you should have it)
  • Update file
    • uncommenting "" and "key.alias"
    • adding target=android-8 (note: tests and build must run successfully also on the minimum supported target-4)
  • Update AndroidManifest.xml
  • android update project --path AgileDayConferenceApp
  • ant -buildfile AgileDayConferenceApp\build.xml release
    • will ask you for a password (and you should have it)
  • smoke test the application on your mobile
  • upload the .apk file on the market

After Release build steps

  • Revert file
  • In AndroidManifest.xml, REMOVE android:installLocation="auto" in "manifest" element
  • Increase android:versionCode for next release
  • Increase android:versionName for next release
  • Commit updated AndroidManifest.xml (the only changes should be in android:versionCode and android:versionName)