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Keep your investment financial records in one place. Make your gains, income and dividend easy to understand even if you use many different brokers, exchanges and different currencies are involved!

The app is as good as the data you feed it. For now it's integrated with Degiro, biggest EU stock broker.

Setting up the db

python migrate
python loaddata finance/fixtures/exchanges.json

Data dump was created with:

python dumpdata --natural-primary > finance/fixtures/exchanges.json

Mypy type checking

Blog post I used for setup:

To call it, use

mypy invertimo

Setup in setup.cfg.

Running without docker

To run python:

# Load environment variables:
source deployment/secrets/local.env
# Activate the virtualenv:
source venv2/bin/activate
# Run the sever:
python3.8 runserver

To run and compile JS:

npx webpack --mode=development --watch

For bundle optimization use the bundle opmtimizer, e.g. like this:

npx webpack --json > stats.json
npx webpack-bundle-analyzer stats.json static

Running locally with docker

See deployment/ for more info.

Updating python dependencies

This project uses pip-compile. Example workflow, e.g. adding a new package celery.

$ pip install celery
$ pip freeze | grep celery

Add the celery to the and then recompile requirements.txt.

$ pip-compile > requirements.txt