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ILWHack 2014 - Backend Server


  • Push to OpenShift server (either RedHat Butt or private Origin instance) with a Python 2.7 cartridge.


  • Arkan Emberwalker (Origin server)
  • AngusP (Development)
  • hamhut1066 (Development)
  • A3gis (Development)
  • Malyatrax (Assets/Tea, Coffee, Snacks provisioning & Logo)


Flask, Flask-OAuthlib

Is it any good?


Ideas for future improvements

  • Email notifications when cheap flights to see your friends
  • Personalized discounts
  • Graph of world's places/airports based on social data. With direct access to skyscanner's database and more time we could build a graph for each user (i.e. node-weight based on friends who live there, edge-weight based on price) and run more complex algorithms on it such as pathfinding etc.
  • Take into account more data (friend's relative importance, hometowns (wanna visit the hometown of you best friend XXX? I'm sure you would have a lot to talk about!), recommendation based on places already visited, collaborative filtering, etc.
  • Price optimization (taking into account earth trajects)
  • Facebook friends with benefits (notifications when friends interested in your sex change their relationship status to single)
  • Candy-crush flights
  • Lots of other cool shits