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hugo-lambda enables running static website generator Hugo inside AWS Lambda.

The repo includes the following contents:

  • app - Lambda's Python code.
  • demo_site - demo Hugo site you can use for testing.
  • template.yml - AWS SAM template that deploys the app to AWS
  • - shell script that packages dependencies and deploys the SAM template

1. Pre-requisites

  • Read my blog post How to build a Hugo website in AWS Lambda and deploy it to S3 to understand the concepts.
  • Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 to obtain dependencies: hugo binary, libstdc++ library and AWS CLI packaged with all of its dependencies. These dependencies are not included in this repository to avoid licensing issues. You can download pre-packaged layers using links in my blog post.
  • Place zipped files from the previous step in directory layers.
  • Install AWS CLI: pip install awscli and configure it.

2. Edit deployment template

  • Copy to
  • Execute chmod u+x to set the execution permissions.
  • Open in a text editor and make the following changes:
    • In export SOURCE_CODE_BUCKET=BUCKETNAME replace BUCKETNAME with the name of an S3 bucket that will be used for temporary storage of layers and Lambda's code.
    • In export change the name of the zip file to whatever you named your hugo layer.
    • In export change the name of the zip file to whatever you named your libstdc++ layer.
    • In export change the name of the zip file to whatever you named your AWS CLI layer.

3. Deploy

  • Execute ./ from the command line.
  • If the deployment is successful, you should see outputs in the JSON format.

4. Test

  • Upload demo_site to the S3 bucket listed under SourceS3Bucket in outputs: aws s3 sync demo_site s3://SOURCE_BUCKET_NAME.
  • Invoke API Gateway endpoint listed under BuildApi in outputs. It should look like Copy the link and open it in a browser. It will take a few seconds to run due to a Lambda cold start. When the build completes, the page will show Build complete.
  • Open the URL listed under WebsiteS3BucketURL in a browser. You should see a test site titled My New Hugo Site.


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