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Application for translation documentation in MD format
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MD Translate

CLI tool to translate .md files from English to Russian.

Can use Yandex Translation API and Google Cloud translation.


Install project:

$ pip install md-translate

Create a file, named .md_translate_api_key in your home folder or wherever you want put your API key into it.

Settings file

You can store your default settings in .ini file.

By default, place for settings file is ~/.md_translate_config.ini, but you can place it wherever you want.

Settings file content example:

# (would be changed to store exactly API KEY)
api_key = <path to api_key file> 
service = Yandex
source_lang = en
target_lang = ru


$ [-h] [-c CONFIG_PATH] [-k API_KEY_FILE | -K API_KEY]
              [-s {Yandex,Google}] [-S SOURCE_LANG] [-T TARGET_LANG]

If you set config file, you can override any of settings by arguments

Positional arguments:

  • path Path to folder to process. If not set, uses current folder

Optional arguments:

  • -h, --help, show this help message and exit
  • -c CONFIG_PATH, --config_path CONFIG_PATH, Path to config_file
  • -k API_KEY_FILE, --api_key_file API_KEY_FILE, Path to Translation Service API key file
  • -K API_KEY, --api_key API_KEY, API key to use Translation API
  • -s {Yandex,Google}, --service {Yandex,Google}, Translating service
  • -S SOURCE_LANG, --source_lang SOURCE_LANG, Source language
  • -T TARGET_LANG, --target_lang TARGET_LANG, Target language
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