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Fomu Toolchain

Fomu ( is an FPGA in your USB port. This repository gathers all the tools you will need to develop for Fomu, and provides them as prebuilt packages for GNU/Linux, Windows or macOS.


Download the latest release for your platform and extract it somewhere on your disk. Then set your PATH:

  • Shell (GNU/Linux, Cygwin/MSYS2/MINGW, MacOS...): export PATH=[path-to-bin]:$PATH
  • Powershell (Windows): $ENV:PATH = "[path-to-bin];" + $ENV:PATH
  • cmd.exe (Windows): PATH=[path-to-bin];%PATH%

To confirm installation, run a command such as nextpnr-ice40 or yosys.

What's included

Prebuilt packages contain almost everything you'll need for developing software and/or hardware on Fomu:

  • open-tool-forge/fpga-toolchain:
  • Extras, specific for Fomu:
    • riscv-gcc -- compile code for RISC-V CPUs, such as the Fomu softcore
    • wishbone-tool -- access the debug bus on Fomu
    • The Windows version includes make and teraterm.

NOTE: fpga-toolchain includes an internal lib/python3.8 interpreter to be used by nextpnr. However, users should install a Python interpreter on their system for using LiteX or other Python based hardware description/design tools.

It is strongly recommended that you install git for managing repositories and checking out code, though it is not strictly necessary.