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A collection of tools for developing for Fomu
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Fomu Toolchain

Fomu is an FPGA in your USB port. This repository contains prebuilt versions of all the tools you will need to develop for Fomu.


Download the latest release for your platform and extract it somewhere on your disk. Then set your PATH:

  • MacOS: export PATH=[path-to-bin]:$PATH
  • Linux: export PATH=[path-to-bin]:$PATH
  • Windows Powershell: $ENV:PATH = "[path-to-bin];" + $ENV:PATH
  • Windows cmd.exe: PATH=[path-to-bin];%PATH%

To confirm installation, run a command such as nextpnr-ice40 or yosys.

What's included

This contains almost everything you'll need to develop on Fomu:

  • yosys -- synthesis
  • nextpnr-ice40 -- place-and-route
  • dfu-util -- upload bitstream to the FPGA
  • python3 -- required for nextpnr-ice40 and to build litex projects
  • riscv-gcc -- compile code for RISC-V CPUs, such as the Fomu softcore
  • wishbone-tool -- access the debug bus on Fomu

Additionally, the macOS and Windows versions include make.

It is strongly recommended that you install git to manage repositories and check out code, though it is not strictly necessary.

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