MATLAB integration with ImageJ data structures and runtime.
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This library provides a variety of features for integrating ImageJ with MATLAB, including:

  • ImageJMATLAB - An entry point for launching ImageJ from within MATLAB and ensuring all ImageJ dependencies are loaded in the MATLAB class loader.
  • IJM commands - When ImageJ is started within MATLAB, utility methods for converting between ImageJ and MATLAB data structures will be available. Run for a list of commands.
  • MATLAB dataset conversion - ImageJ Datasets can now be converted, using the ConvertService, to the Matlab Control MatlabNumericArray types. These arrays can then be passed to a running MATLAB instance as a matrix.
  • MATLAB array preprocessor - MATLAB scripts (.m) can now have @matrix annotations. This will automatically take the active ImageJ Dataset and convert it to a matrix in MATLAB.