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Imarc Boilerplate

This is a framework for frontend development. It includes

This is the slimmed down version of imarc/boilerplate-components as it starts with only the utilities and base files from that repository.

If you want to slim down what's provided even more, you can change $use-boilerplate-classes to false in variables.scss to disable all the classes and only get mixins. (You will still get classes from Slick and FontAwesome.)

While we encourage you to read the builtin documentation, some highlights are


Some components were carried over from version 3, but were not updated to the latest practices and syntax. These are flagged as DEPRECATED within the pattern library, and may be removed entirely in a future release.

Getting Started

Within a new project, make sure you first have an existing package.json. If you don't have one, you can create one by running

npm init -y

After that, run

npx imarc/boilerplate

NPX should automatically copy the resource folder to your project, add dependencies to your package.json, and even add scripts to your package.json file.


After running npx above, your project will be automatically setup so you can run

  • npm run dev to run the development build (make sourcemaps, don't minify, etc.)
  • npm run prod to run the production build.
  • npm run watch to watches files for changes and automatically re-run the development build.

To locally serve the pattern library:

  • npm run fractal start -w to run a local server and watch for changes

And lastly, to build the pattern library:

  • npm run fractal build

You can customize this behavior further by editing either the webpack.mix.js or fractal.js files per the Laravel Mix or Fractal documentation respectively.

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