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Fork of LibGD for Windows & .NET support [deprecated]
C C++ Shell Perl Makefile Awk Other
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VMS Make distcheck work (fixes #54)
cmake/modules Add libiconv support to CMake files
config Added beginnings of an updated manual
docs Add docs
examples new example "resize"
m4 Define BGDWIN32 on MinGW when using autotools
netware Updated Netware makefile
src Remove uneeded includes introduced in earlier version-local commits.
test Remove one more outstanding
tests Use sprintf instead of snprintf to be C89 compliant.
windows Replace windows MSVC makefile; update msys iconv path.
.gitignore Update thumbs build folders in gitignore
.travis.yml Fix build matrix on travis
CMakeLists.txt Normalize static lib name to libgd.a on *nix and libgd_static.lib on …
ChangeLog - mv ChangeLog and NEWS Add thumbs.bat and to
NEWS fixed FS#100 Add docs
appveyor.yml Thumbs: use commit hashes when fetching deps; update zlib and freetyp… now offers build tips on OS X and defaults to glibtoolize Silence automake 1.14 warnings ("source file is in a subdirectory, bu… add thumbs
thumbs.bat squash test commits; add deps from nuget; fix bindings Thumbs: update tiff to latest commit


This is a copy of the official LibGD repo at You should probably be using that one instead.

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