A set of jQuery plugins that compose a flexible, web-based image editing studio.
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StudioJS is a rapidly growing collection of jQuery plugins for image cropping, resizing, and editing.

Please file any bugs you discover in the Issues tab

All client-side components are released under the MIT license by their respective authors.

For a live demo, click here.

If you are upgrading, please check the changelog for migration notes. Some backwards-incompatible changes have been made.

If you're new to StudioJS, the tutorial is an appropriate place to start.

Documentation Links

Overview of files

  • jquery.Jcrop.js - A slightly modified version of Jan. 2012 version of JCrop. I've made a pull request.
  • jQuery.jcrop.preview.js - A tiny plugin to provide a live preview of the crop rectangle in an arbitrary container.
  • ImageResizer.js - Provides a set of classes for querystring parsing and serialization, polygon math, and command string creation. Requires underscore.
  • jquery.imagestudio.js - A configurable jquery UI plugin for creating a photo-editing widget in an arbitrary container.

Javascript Dependencies

Copies of all dependences can be found in the /libs folder. Most files in /libs are NOT required.

  • jquery.Jcrop and Jcrop.preview.js require jQuery, 1.7 or higher.
  • ImageResizer.js requires underscore.js 1.3.1 or higher
  • jquery.imagestudio.js requires jquery-ui 1.8.16 or higher and all of the aforementioned libraries

CSS dependencies

  • Jcrop requires css/Jcrop.gif, css/jquery.Jcrop.css.
  • ImageStudio requires jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.css (and folder), css/jquery.imagestudio.css, css/loading.gif, css/delete-rect.gif