Organized, machine-friendly documentation of imgix's URL parameters
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Imgix URL Parameters

This repo is intended to act as a single source of truth about the current state of all imgix URL API parameters, exposed as JSON.

This may be used to validate parameter inputs, build UI components, or programmatically assemble imgix URLs.

Note: While releases for this repository are intended to follow semantic versioning, its release pattern is tied to an internal imgix library that also includes experimental parameters not intended for public use. As such, version numbers will occasionally be skipped in this public repository in an effort to keep it synchronized with version numbers on the internal library.


This package is exposed as both a Bower package and an NPM package. We recommend using those to manage this as a dependency.

The artifacts of this repo (any files in dist/) follow Semantic Versioning.

Please see a dist/ file to get an idea of the structure of the document.