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#Py Rollers Casino

Py Rollers Casino is a group Pygame project focused on creating a collection of casino mini-games. Please note that this is a CC-0 project so all contributions must be licensed as such. Discussion on the project takes place on our project subreddit.

##Project Goals

  • A chance for people to get some experience working together on a project
  • A chance to use github's collaborative abilities
  • Something people of all experience levels can contribute to
  • Provide another example of Mekire's multiscene template in action.
  • Card, dice and chip modules that are usable in other games
  • CC-0 licensing to make using the project as a resource hassle-free
  • Make decisions by consensus whenever possible

##How can I get involved?

###Make a game:
There is a list on the wiki of which games are already being worked on. Pick an open game from the list or add a different game of your choosing. Other than slot machines, there should only be one version of each casino game. Add your name to the list so no one duplicates your efforts and get coding. See the Adding a game section of the wiki for more info.

###Code review:
If you're short on time, but long on experience, consider looking over the repo with an eye towards improvement. You can actually make changes and send a pull request, post to the subreddit with your suggestion or contact /u/iminurnamez. Whatever is easiest for you. Keep in mind that your contributions must be CC-0.

We are always looking for ways to improve any aspect of the project, so try it out and let us know what you think, good or bad. Especially bad. If you come across a bug, please try to include as much detail as possible, including the traceback if there is one. Also include your OS and Python version.