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Imixs-BPMN is a free modelling tool which takes the full advantage of all the capabilities of the BPMN standard and complements them with the features of a powerful workflow engine. The Imixs-BPMN enhances the Eclipse BPMN2 Modelling Framework with the aspects of a human based workflow model executable on the Imxis-Workflow Engine. With Imixs-BPMN you have a maximum in flexibility to describe, model and executing your business processes.

Imixs BPMN Modeler

Learn more about Imixs-Workflow on the Imixs-Workflow project site.


Imixs-BPMN is an Eclipse Plugin based on the Eclipse BPMN2 Modelling Framework. If you already have installed Eclipse, you can install the Imixs-BPMN Plugin from the following updatesite:


Imixs-BPMN extends the Eclipse BPMN2 modelling framework with a runtime extension. The main concepts of the Eclipse BPMN2 plugin extension can be found on the BPMN2-Modeler/DeveloperTutorials.

Checkout the Imixs BPMN Plugin

You can checkout the source code from this site. To build the plugin form sources just checkout the source code and import the sources located under:


For further development concepts of the Imixs BPMN extension see also the Wiki pages.

For general concepts of Imixs-Workflow and the Imixs-Workflow engine see the Imixs-Workflow project home.