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The goal of this project is to provide components to interact with the Imixs-Workflow Rest API. These components are agnostic from an Imixs-Workflow Implementation and can be used in a microservice architecture. The components are based on Java JAX-RS and JAX-B.


Using Maven add the following dependencies to your project:

<!-- JEE Dependencies -->

Imixs-Melman is based on Jax-RS 2.0. So you may need to add the missing Java dependencies. For jUnit test you can add the following dependencys to test Jax-RS 2.0

<!-- JAX-RS 2.0 Test dependencies -->


These are examples how to use Imixs-Melman. For details see also the Imixs-Workflow Rest-API.

Initalization & Authentication

Each request against the Imixs-Workflow engine must be authenticated. For that reason Imixs-Melman provides some AuthenticatonRequestFilter.

// Init the workflowClient with a basis URL
WorkflowClient workflowCLient = new WorkflowClient("http://localhost:8080/office-rest/");
// Create a basic authenticator
BasicAuthenticator basicAuth = new BasicAuthenticator("admin", "adminadmin");
// register the authenticator

Get a Workitem by $UniqueID

// get document by UniqueID
ItemCollection document = workflowCLient.getWorkitem("f3357f0b-20de-40ca-8aa1-4b9f43759c0b");

Get a Resultlist of workitems

Imixs-Melman provides a set of getter methods to receive a list of workitems.

Get tasklist by Creator

// get task list by creator with maximum 5 elements.
List<ItemCollection> documents=workflowCLient.getTaskListByCreator("admin");

Get tasklist by Owner

List<ItemCollection> documents=workflowCLient.getTaskListByOwner("admin",5,0, null);

How to restrict the Result Set

Per default all WorkItems are returned with all available items. To restrict the returned WorkItem data to only a subset of items the property 'items' need to be specified:

// get task list by creator with maximum 100 elements with subset of items
List<ItemCollection> documents=workflowCLient.getTaskListByCreator("admin");

Also the page size and page index can be limited:

List<ItemCollection> documents=workflowCLient.getTaskListByCreator("admin");

Create a Workitem

To create a workitem, an ItemCollection have to be created first:

ItemCollection workitem=new ItemCollection();
workitem.replaceItemValue("type", "workitem");
workitem.replaceItemValue(WorkflowKernel.MODELVERSION, "1.0.0");
// add some data..
workitem.replaceItemValue("_subject","This is some test data....");
// process workitem
String unqiueID=workitem.getUniqueID();

Get Workflow Events by a Workitem

To get all valid workflow events for an existing process instance:

// load worktiem
ItemCollection workitem = workflowCLient.getWorkitem(uniqueID.get(), null);
// load event list
List<ItemCollection> events = workflowCLient.getWorkflowEventsByWorkitem(workitem);

Error Handling

The Melman Rest Client throws a RestAPIException in case an API error occurred. The Imixs RestAPIException inherits form the Imixs WorkflowException and provides methods to evaluate the error context and error code. See the following example:

try {
	workitem = workflowCLient.processWorkitem(workitem);
} catch (RestAPIException e) {
	// evaluate exception
	Assert.assertEquals("MODEL_ERROR", e.getErrorCode());
	Assert.assertEquals("WorkflowClient", e.getErrorContext());"ErrorMessage=" + e.getMessage());
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