Solarized themes for Alfred.
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Solarized (Dark).alfredtheme
Solarized (Light).alfredtheme Initial commit. Allllllright. Apr 26, 2012

Solarized for Alfred

Hey, if you're not using Solarized, what are you thinking?

Let's take two of my favorite things - Solarized and Alfred - and make something really legible and awesome.

I'm freaking colorblind. Give me a break. If something doesn't look right, fork and submit a pull request. You know the drill.

(Colors are based on guidelines established by Mr. Schoonover.)

Install them with a couple easy manuevers:

git clone

Then open it. There's not much room to mess this one up folks - I don't know a ton of other applications that use .alfredtheme as an extension.

Solarized Dark:

Solarized Dark

Solarized Light:

Solarized Light