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FUEL CMS Modules
I have created some of the modules for my own freelance work , just share it and open source it, giving back to the FUEL CMS community. There are few more modules in my mind which I going to release it here.

Flash News
I build this module to allow admin flash some news to the user through the notification block

### Installation
* Unzip and move the flash_news folder to /fuel/modules/
* Setup the mysql db from the install folder
* Add "flash_news" to $config['modules_allowed'] @ /fuel/application/config/My_fuel.php
* Add "flash_news to "$config['dashboards'] @ /fuel/application/config/My_fuel.php
* Copy the notifications.php from install folder to /modules/fuel/views/_blocks/ and replace the original notifications.php
* You should see the new "Flash News" option showing @ Manage.
* There are 2 permission to set , "flash_news/news" to manage the news and "flash_news/view_news" to view the news.

Group Access
I remember see the group access feature discussion in the forum , so I build this to allow user set the batch permission easily.

### changelog
* update the db scheme name
* added permission to access group access module
* change the url path name

### Installation
* Unzip and move the group_access folder to /fuel/modules/
* Setup the mysql db from the install folder
* Add "group_access" to $config['modules_allowed'] @ /fuel/application/config/My_fuel.php
* You should see the new "Group Access" option showing @ Manage.

I m still learning on both FUEL CMS and CodeIgniter , let me know if there are bugs or better way to code.

Thanks to
* [daylightstudio ](, for creating FUEL CMS (