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Lua mode

This is a repository for Lua mode - major mode for editing Lua sources in Emacs.


Currently, there're a lot of features that need fixing (or reimplementing), including but not limited to:

  1. implementing autotesting of indentation engine
  2. supporting line-continuation commas
  3. fixing close-brace/paren positioning
  4. fix syntax handling of multiline comments/literals (including both highlighting & indentation)
  5. implementing a crisp scheme of customizing the way lua-mode indents the code
  6. cleaning up existing code
  7. extending docs & comments

CEDET/Semantic integration

Also, there's a rather distant goal to integrate lua-mode with cedet's semantic. This would mean an almost complete rewrite, but I think the challenge is worth it. There's a slightest concern about the overhead brought by this dependency, but semantic is already being shipped with Emacs, so there might be no problem after all.

Use wisent-generated grammar

First stage would be to rewrite syntax handling with help of semantic/wisent-generated parser based on the actual Lua grammar. Currently, syntax analysis is done ad-hoc and, despite the model is oversimplified and doesn't treat corner situation well, it's still very tricky and really hard to grasp.

Extend cedet/semantic facilities onto Lua

And there's the cherry on the pie: after completing the wisent-generated parser, the next step will be to provide semantic with all the information it needs to do it's magic of code analysis and generation.

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