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A platform for Clojure apps built on JBoss AS7


Immutant is an application server for Clojure based off of JBossAS/WildFly. This README covers building Immutant. For usage and more details, see

To file an issue, see


  • Maven 3 or Leiningen 2.3.4+
  • Configuration of the JBoss Maven repository in settings.xml


Immutant depends on polyglot:

Polyglot is published as a incremantal builds from our CI server. If you need to make changes to polyglot, you'll need to build it separately and adjust the version.polyglot property in Immutant's pom.xml to use that local snapshot.


Install the project using the provided settings.xml:

mvn -s support/settings.xml install

If you will be building the project often, you'll want to create/modify your own ~/.m2/settings.xml file.

If you're a regular JBoss developer, see:

Otherwise, see:

Once your repositories are configured, simply type:

mvn install

Building with Leiningen

You can optionally build the Immutant source with Leiningen. But you must install the build-support plugin first:

cd support/build-support
lein install

Once installed, cd back to the root of the project and run the following:

lein modules all

The modules higher-order task will run the task passed to it (e.g. the all alias) in all that project's child modules. If you cd inside one of the child modules, you can just run lein as you normally would, but you should run the above at least once so that interdependent modules are installed in your local repo.


All unit tests will be run during the build process, but tests can be run independently with the following command:

mvn -s support/settings.xml test

The integration tests (a.k.a. integs), which are not run as part of the main build, can be run like this:

cd integration-tests
mvn test -s ../support/settings.xml

Or a single integration test can be run like this:

mvn test -s ../support/settings.xml -Dns=namespace-of-test

where 'namespace-of-test' is the portion of the ns without the 'immutant.integs' prefix.

If you wish to skip the unit tests during the build process (to speed things up) you can add the -Dmaven.test.skip=true option when running the mvn install command.


To run your local build, set IMMUTANT_HOME and the lein-immutant plugin will use it:

export IMMUTANT_HOME=/path/to/immutant/build/assembly/target/stage/immutant/


Immutant is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3. See licenses/LICENSE-LGPL.txt for details.

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