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Immutant is an integrated suite of libraries providing commodity services for Clojure applications. This README covers building Immutant. For usage and more details, see

To file an issue, see

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[org.immutant/immutant "2.1.10"]




Requires Leiningen 2.3.4+

From the root of the project, run:

lein modules all

The modules higher-order task will run the task passed to it (e.g. the all alias) in all that project's child modules. If you cd inside one of the child modules, you can just run lein as you normally would, but you should run the above at least once so that interdependent modules are installed in your local repo.

To run the integration tests as part of a full build, build with:

lein with-profile +integs modules all

For information on setting up WildFly for the integration tests, or on running them individually, see the README in integration-tests/.


Immutant is licensed under the Apache License, v2. See LICENSE for details.