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Immutant OpenShift Cartridge

To install Immutant 1.0 on OpenShift, first make sure you have the latest client tools installed, and then run this:

rhc app-create -s yourapp 

Replace yourapp with the name of your application. The -s option sets your app to be scalable. Once created, you can login to your gear like so:

rhc ssh yourapp

At which point, you can monitor your Immutant like so:

tail -f immutant/logs/server.log

Alternatively, you can tail the log without first logging in:

rhc tail yourapp -f immutant/logs/server.log

When you see Deployed "your-clojure-application.clj" in the log, point a browser at the following link (adjusted for your namespace) and you should see a friendly welcome:


You can connect to your app via any nREPL client at localhost:27888 after running this command:

rhc port-forward -a yourapp

Your nREPL service is secured by your ssh private key. Only those people whose public ssh keys you associate with your app may access it.

Any changes you push from the yourapp/ directory will trigger a redeploy of your app. At this point, you can either write your app from scratch, or you can merge in changes from an existing project, i.e. your real app. Let's use a small app demonstrating the various Immutant clustering features, for example:

git remote add yourrealapp -m master
git pull -s recursive -X theirs yourrealapp master
git push

Now whenever you're ready to deploy your real app to OpenShift, you pull in changes from your real repo and push to your OpenShift repo.

By the way, to see the clustering features in that demo app, you'll need to add a gear, like so:

rhc scale-cartridge immutant -a yourapp 2

Have fun, and drop in to the #immutant or #openshift IRC channels on if you have any questions.