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Simple JS library with connection to Merk API providing autocomplete for Czech and Slovak company data.

Merk is a Czech and Slovak company database developed and maintained by Imper CZ s.r.o. and you can find more information about the API (Czech).

Full Merk API documentation is here. Suggestion is implemented with Twitter Typeahead.js.

##Example You can find working example at

##Setup If you are going to use with your form follow these steps:

###1. Obtain token to Merk This JS Library requires you to be a registered user of Merk. If you are not current Merk user proceed with free registration to Merk.

After registration, log in your account and go to tab Connection (“Napojení”). There you’ll find your api_key. There you can also reset your API access if needed.

###3. Add JS in your html Download suggest-company.js and add it into your html site with:

<script src="./js/suggest-company.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

###4. Map fields Map fileds you want to fill from suggestion in your form with

var api_to_inputs = {

###5. Setup server side This is required to hide your token from a public access.

You can use PHP server file we do provide. Just upload folder "server" to your Document root

And set your token. In server/index.php set your token within

$token = "Your token goes here";

Otherwise you'll need to write your own server file.

###6. Call suggestion method

Call the method for fields you want to use for suggestion. You can use:

  • Email - exact match
  • Name - suggesting from 3 characters
  • Registration number - exact match.

Call example:

    suggestBy: 'name',
    proxyUrl: './server/index.php',
    mapping: api_to_inputs

You can also use our example form from client-server.html and basic CSS styles.

##Limitations Each Merk account is provided with 150 free API calls per month. If you need more feel free to contact us at

##Browser Support

  • Chrome
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Safari 4+
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Opera 11+

Suggestion is not tested on mobile devices.


Copyright 2016 Imper CZ s.r.o.

Licensed under the MIT License.