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Impleum Masternode and Wallet with Impleum Privacy Protocol
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Impleum Private Wallet with NTumbleBit Privacy Protocol

This is the repository of the Impleum Private Wallet, the first full-block SPV bitcoin wallet using Angular and Electron at the front-end and C# with .NET Core in the back-end.

This version includes a feature where the Wallet automatically connects to a live Masternode running the Breeze Privacy Protocol. This is achieved by using the blockchain enabled Masternode Advertisement and Client Discovery Protocol.

Daemon Build

Lite daemon is the backend REST service, hosting a Bitcoin node upon which Private UI depends:

# Clone and go in the directory
mkdir C:\Opt
cd C:\Opt
git clone --recursive

# Go in the Lite deamon folder
cd C:\Opt\PrivateProject\Breeze\src\Breeze.Daemon

# Run the Bitcoin and Impleum light daemons on testnet in separate terminals
dotnet run -- -light -registration -tumblebit
dotnet run -- -light -registration -impleum

# Run Impleum Private GUI
cd C:\Opt\BreezeProject\Breeze.UI

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Start the Breeze GUI using testnet network
npm start

CI Build

We use AppVeyor for Windows CI builds and Travis CI for our Linux and MacOS builds. Every time someone pushes to the master branch or create a pull request on it, a build is triggered and a new unstable app release is created.

If you want the latest version of the Privacy Wallet with Privacy Protocol, you can get it here:


For support, questions, or suggestions related to the Impleum Privacy Protocol or the Client Advertisement and Discovery Protocol, please visit the #privacyprotocol channel on Discord.

Thank you and enjoy!

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