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# [HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS](
-Not your granddads's framework.
+Boom. Cross-universe compatible.

10 comments on commit 123e170

This commit broke backward compatibility with anonymous callback closures in ECMAcoffeeNode.js v2.3. Please fix.

Also conflicts with legbone.js custom deferred publisher events v2.1. Get strange error: "Error 90ag9m8a: too responsive"

I now went forward in time and got an HTTP 701: Been Ready For Ages.

"Error 90ag9m8a: too responsive" ... that was a feature right!

Its so easy to use, even my mum knows her way round it!

@kurosevic Did you try compiling with the --responsive=2 flag? You can also try to force a lower responsive value at runtime by setting 2 in config.xml

@dmansouri yes i did recompile, to no avail. I think perhaps my settings file paths are being overridden in my nginpacheTPD directives... but when I access config.xmlie in browser, it returns a 200 and no content body and then I get a dialog box that says "success". do you think it has to do with the fact that i'm using microsoft's new internet explorer specific XML filetype?

@kurosevic I think I know what's going on. There's a known bug with the IE5 bootloader that's preventing multi-threaded access to the cloud partition. Workaround is to enable JSON override mode and recompile the WSDL. Once you've done that, just deploy the __kernelNode binary to the socket listener, restart the Flash daemon and refresh your browser. That should take care of the error. I know, kind of an annoying hack, but it seems to work.

@dmansouri, it worked! THANKSS!!!!!! but now I've lost support for the color blue. :/

@kurosevic That's just the Viagra wearing off. If you need a dealer, I know a reputable source. It's a little complicated because you have to transfer the bitcoins to an offshore account, but The Duke will walk you through the process if you just email him at What I like about his products is that the Viagra is evented, so I can apply back pressure to get a more predicate-table performance profile. Of course, only if you use a LLAMA-style parser in the serialization pipeline.

BTW, I ported this project to Haskell. I'll be uploading the patch as soon as the value-driven testing framework adjudicates the immolated eschaton and continually integrates my changeset with the calculatronic versioning fameworker. I just deployed this to production today because I heard Switzerland made it legal "the other day" as a rider on the maltodextrin-lecithin debate referendum. Go figure.

Anyway, bro on father figure. Do some laps in the pool and think of me. Mwah.

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