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customize ant build file in android sdk to add scala support
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Coping with multiple targets

These scripts are modified from Exploring Android to support android sdk tools r14


  1. Create an android project either by using eclipse adt plugin or android create command

  2. Checkout ant-android-scala to your local disk, /opt/ant-android-scala for example

  3. Copy in ant-android-scala to the project directory you just created in step 1, and change the configurations to fix your environment
  4. Edit build.xml (use android update command to generate ant build files if the project is created by eclipse), add

    <import file="${}/build-scala.xml"/>
    <!-- Converts this project's .class files into .dex files -->
    <target name="-dex" depends="-compile, scala-compile, scala-shrink">
        <do-only-if-not-library elseText="Library project: do not dex..." >
            <scala-dex-helper />


    <import file="${sdk.dir}/tools/ant/build.xml" />
  5. Now you can add some scala source code and use ant command to build the project

Using Android Scala Installer

See Android Scala Installer

Set scala.library.installed=true in, the building script will skip proguard when you run ant debug or ant debug install, don't forget to add

<uses-library android:name="scala_actors-2.9.1"/>
<uses-library android:name="scala_collection-2.9.1"/>
<uses-library android:name="scala_immutable-2.9.1"/>
<uses-library android:name="scala_library-2.9.1"/>
<uses-library android:name="scala_mutable-2.9.1"/>

to the application element in you AndroidManifest.xml

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