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Docker template files for IMUNES virtual nodes when running on Linux.

This repository provides different base images for IMUNES virtual nodes. Each version is in its own folder.

Currently supported Linux distributions for the base image can come in two different variations:

  • full - includes all packages that are needed to run the imunes-examples and even a greater variety of networking tools. Bigger and slower.
  • minimal - includes a smaller set of packages and is designed to be faster and have a smaller footprint.


Currently supported versions are as follows:

Folder Distribution and version Image name Comment
latest (debian-8) Debian 8 (jessie) imunes/template:latest old packages, but tested and working
debian-9 Debian 9 (stretch) imunes/template:debian-9 newer packages, needs testing
debian-9-min Debian 9 minimal imunes/template:debian-9-min minimal edition
ubuntu-18.04 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS imunes/template:ubuntu-18.04 ubuntu release, needs testing
ubuntu-18.04-min Ubuntu 18.04 LTS minimal imunes/template:ubuntu-18.04-min minimal edition


This image is based on Phusion baseimage-docker and slightly modified to run a different distro version along with some new packages.

You can use it as a base for your own Docker images. For more info on this please check the basedocker-image README or the source code.